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Sunday, January 29th: Epiphany 4 Yr A

Epiphany 4 Yr A

Thank you for returning your Pledge Card with your prayers: .  If you have any question, please email to Wayne ( or phone to Gwen(604-273-7481). Please fill out the pledge form returning it no later than January 31st. in person, email or by postal mail.  

 Holy Cross  Church 4580 Walden St,  Vancouver, BC, V5V3S5

 To participate the Sunday worship: please write your name on the chart

for the 1st Reading, the 2nd Reading, Gospel Reading, people’s prayer Servers,  Greeters and flower chart.

Next Sunday Lunch: Hot dog Sunday by men’s Group $5

お 知 ら せ

献金誓約用紙:を祈りを持って捧げてくださることに感謝します。もし、質問がありましたら、イム司祭 holycrosjc@gmail.com604618-6491まで





Tues. Jan.24th: Japanese Class at 11 a.m.  English Gospel Bible Class 1p.m.

Wed Jan 25 1-4 pm : Membership Growth Training (Fr.Im)at Synod

Fri Jan 27: Japanese Bible Class at Minato’s House at 10 am

Sun. Feb. 19: Annual Vestry Meeting 信徒総会