Our Mission and Goals

Our Mission

Holy Cross shares the faith and gospel of Jesus Christ and the Japanese Canadian heritage embracing Canadians and new comers of all cultures and identities.  We are lifelong learners of faith interested in strengthening and nurturing our minds in a safe, peaceful, and trusting environment.

Our Japanese Canadian identity is the very core of Holy Cross.  We continue to support and nurture the younger generation of Holy Cross families, identifying their cultural values and needs, and developing their Christian faith with Holy Cross.

Our Goals

New Energy – Bring new life to church, revitalizing the congregation.  Restructure Holy Cross to serve and support diversity and new initiatives driving the future identity of Holy Cross.  Bring in new energy on Sundays engaging new members and current, co-existing in harmony embracing a multi-lingual congregation.

Serve and Care – Serve the congregation and others.  Give Holy Cross meaning and relevance in our daily lives.  Visit parishioners unable to attend Sunday Service.

Worship – Learn and meditate.  To maintain an ongoing bible study class accessible by everyone.