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Sunday Worship is at 10:30 AM and held simultaneously in the Japanese and English language using bilingual service booklets.


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History of Holy Cross

The history of Holy Cross Church dates back to 1903 when it started its mission to the Japanese community in Vancouver.

In 1905, a mission called “Holy Cross” was established at 430 Cordova Street in Vancouver.


1905年、バンクーバーのコルドバ通り 430番地に「Holy Cross」というミッションが設立されました。

Our parish has had a number of significant events that define who we are today.


It starts in 1942 with the Second World War where anyone of Japanese descent was forced to relocate to old mining towns, forestry camps and ranches in the interior of British Columbia, for fear that persons of Japanese ancestry might commit acts of sabotage.


Men women and children were forced to leave their homes, fishing `boats, businesses, churches, and all their worldly possessions. While the Canadian Government initially held this land and property in escrow with the expectation that it would be returned at the war’s end, after a series of flimsy rationalizations and political machinations the government proceeded to sell the property of Japanese Canadians without consent or compensation.


With the close of the internment camps in 1946, the Japanese people were encouraged to move to the province of Alberta or to eastern Canada.

The other option was to return to Japan, even though many of the people were Canadian citizens and had never been to Japan.

In 1949, Japanese people were finally allowed to return to the west coast, while others decided to move to eastern Canada or return to Japan.




Unfortunately, those Japanese Canadians returning to the west coast, found that all their possessions left behind during the evacuation were gone along with their church at 430 Cordova Street in Vancouver.

The Diocese of New Westminster had sold the church and its furnishings.



In 1955 another denomination gave a property located at 849 East 11th Avenue in Vancouver to the Diocese of New Westminster. This property eventually became Holy Cross Japanese Canadian Anglican Church.

Then in 1989, the Parish of St. Peter’s Anglican Church arranged with Holy Cross to transfer their property at 4580 Walden Street, along with their existing St. Peter’s Memorial Garden where it sits today.




Please learn more about our church history and Japanese Canadian internment from these articles written by Stanley Kirk


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