Sunday, February 5th: Epiphany 5 Yr A

Epiphany 5 Yr A

Thank you for returning your Pledge Card with your prayers.  Please fill out the pledge form and return it no later than January 31st.  We will bless the Pledge forms on Feb 5th Next Sunday.

 JC community workshop on the effects of Clergy Sexual Abuse Workshop on effects upon survivors and families of Clergy Sexual Abuse on Feb 18 Saturday

According to on June 15, 2015 the Anglican Diocese of Calgary and New Westminster gave their apology to survivors, their families, friends and the JC community for the sexual abuse perpetreated upon community children, mostly boys, by Goichi Gordon Nakayama.

Feb 18th , 2017 from 10 am to 2 pm at Tonarigumi 42 W 8th St, Vancouver

The workshop will include a panel presentation followed by lunch and community dialogue. Panellist will be :

* Teal Maedel : Psychotherapist

* Bishio Melissa Skelton and Archdeacon Lynne McNaughton

* Dr. Satsuki Ina : Japanese American Psychotherapist and professor

SAVE THE DATE :EAM Japanese Convocation at Los Angeles Diocese Center and St. Mary’s Church. Friday, June 16 to Monday, June 19.

お 知 ら せ

 お誕生日おめでとうございます。:妹尾 Yoichi(30th







Tues. Jan.31th: Japanese Class at 11 a.m.  English Gospel Bible Class 1p.m. 

Thus Feb 2nd 11:30 : Japanese Churches  new year meeting ( Fr. IM)

Fri Feb 10th: Japanese Bible Class at Minato’s House at 10 am

Sun. Feb. 19: Annual Vestry Meeting 信徒総会