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Easter 3 Yr A

Easter 3 Yr A

Next Sunday’s Readings 次回の朗読箇所 

The 1st: Acts 使徒言行録        2:14、36-41             

The 2nd :1Peter 第1ペテロ       1:17-23           

The Gospel福音書:Lukeルカ     24:13-3


Tues. Apr 25th: No Japanese Class &English Gospel Bible Class

Fr. Im is attending the ordination of Bishop in Seoul Diocese.

Thursday 6:30 pm ACAM Youth day camp preparation. St. Matthias & Luke

Sat 29th 10 am Warden’s meeting

1pm Naomi’s Cooking class $25  Making a croissant also need a volunteer.

Registration  to phone Naomi 604-253-2248 or


1:30 Camp Artaban Cream tea St Augustine Church 8680 Hudson St.

Sun 30th Church Committee

May 1st to 3rd Clergy Day, No Japanese and Bible class on May 2nd

Three Japanese Canadian churches were in BC were recognized on the BC Register of Historic places acknowledging their heritage values.

Holy Cross

Church of Ascension

St Andrew’s Prince Rupert