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Lent 1 Yr A: First Sunday in Lent

Lent 1 Yr A

Lent begins from March 1st. We will have the Ash Wednesday Service at 10 a.m and 6 p.m on Wednesday, March 1.
During the service the palm ashes are blessed and a cross sign will be placed on the  foreheads of people attending  in remembrance of our life comes from God and returns to God.

  March 5th Sunday Special ministry sharing about Cristosal El Salvador by Glen Mitchell from St. Mary’s Kerrisdale during the Service.


Tues. Feb 28th: Japanese Class at 11 a.m.  English Gospel Bible Class 1p.m.


Every Wed.10 am: “Stations of the Cross” with Eucharist

Every Sat. 4-5 pm: “Labyrinth” Meditation

The Next Sunday’s Readings 

The 1st: Genesis        2:15-17、3:1-7                  

The 2nd :Romans      5:12-19            

The Gospel:Mathew          4:1-11