Worship and Events

Join us for Sunday Worship at 10:30am.  Our services are held simultaneously in  the Japanese and English language using bilingual service booklets.

April 1st  Sun 10:30 am Easter Sunday Service
April 1st Sunday 12:30 pm Easter Egg Hunt for Children


Tuesday at 11AM


Start from 9th Jan, 2017

Japanese Classes followed by lunch.

初心者のための日本語クラス、引き続き ランチ会

Tuesday at 1PM


Start from 9th Jan, 2017

Reading the Gospel in English福音書を英語で読む会
Thursday 6 P.M.

木曜日 午後6時より

 Free English Conversation Class through Bible.


Friday 金曜日

Start from 12th Jan,  2017

日本語で聖書を読む会。隔週Reading Bible in Japanese.Ask the Schedule.holycrossjc@gmail.com
Sunday 日曜日  10:30 A.M Holy Eucharist午前10時半より 日英後礼拝

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2013 Easter

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3 nd Sunday advend service with Bishop

Early Christmas dinner. 2012