Lent 2 Yr A

Lent 2 Yr A

Ministry sharing about Cristosal in El Salvador: Thank you Glen Mitchell 

Sun March 12th Day light saving start Spring a head: turn your clocks a head one hour before you go to bed on Saturday 11th.

March 12th : Church Committee after the fundraising Curry rice Lunch.

 Shirley Reid’s Memorial Service will be on March 18th 1 p.m. at Holy Cross. We need volunteers to set up tables and prepare coffee/tea, please come to church 12 p.m.

Anglican Japanese Convocation: Friday, June16- Mon, June 19, 2017

Where: Cathedral Center of St. Paul, 840 Echo Park Ave,

 Los Angeles, CA 90026, USA“ All Aboard the Jesus Movement”.  For more details please contact Reverend Daebin Moses Im.