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Epiphany 3 Yr A

Epiphany 3 Yr A

Church Committee: after lunch at 1P.M 教会委員会

Snow shovelling:

Please sign your name and phone number who can give a hand shovelling snow and also who need help shovelling snow.

Thank you for the stewardship committee member : Thank you Wayne to give us the presentation about a pledge form. Please pray, consider and retune the pledge form. You can bring and offer the pledge form during the offering or return by email and mail.

Diocese Youth Retreat : 2017 Winter retreat offered by the Diocese Youth Movement (DYM) at Sorrento Centre for young people aged 13 – 25 and their leaders! A Wizard’s Retreat (Theme is Harry potter) will be taking place family day weekend (Feb. 10-13th, 2017) Fee $150,  More information and Register

To participate the Sunday worship: please write your name on the chart

for the 1st Reading, the 2nd Reading, Gospel Reading, people’s prayer Servers,  Greeters and flower chart.

Next Sunday Lunch : It will be pot luck lunch, Men’s Group Hot dog Sunday postpone to 5th Sunday on 29th, Jan

お 知 ら せ


教会運営委員会:献金誓約についてに説明をしてくださったWayneさんに感謝します。誓約用紙は1月31日まで日曜日の献金を捧げるときに献金プレートに入れるか、Email または郵便にてお返し願います。



来週の昼食:第4週の男性メンバーによるHot dog day Lunchは 第5週の29日に延期されました。22日は持ち寄りによる昼食会を行います。


Tues. Jan.17th: Japanese Class at 11 a.m.  No Bible reading

1 P.M.: Diocese Lay Spiritual Renewal Pilot Project Steering Committee(Fr. Im)

Wed 18th 6 P.M. Church leadership member’s parish development dinner with Bishop

Thus 19th: Clergy day

Sat 21st: “Mental Health and Everyday Life” Seminar9:30 am – 12:30 noon
Christ Church Cathedralfree event but registration is necessary.

online at;  or phone the CCC office 604  682-3848

Fri 27th 10a.m.: Japanese Pslam Reading at Minato’s home

Sun. Feb. 19: Annual Vestry Meeting 信徒総会